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                           Calendar and Record
                            of the Revolutionary War
                            in the South: 1780-1781

                                  by William Thomas Sherman

Extensive reference to officers and events in the Revolutionary War southern theater in the later years of the Revolutionary War, with a day by day history of both the small and great military happenings and events.  Writes author William Thomas Sherman in his introduction: "The purpose of this book is to record and provide precise information on the Revolutionary war in the south in 1780 and 1781.  Who?” “Where?” “When?”  “How many?”  It asks these questions as they pertain to the military situation existing in and from Georgia to Virginia during that period.

"In its earliest form, this work focused exclusively on the events relating to General Nathanael Greene's campaigns, with an effort to provide extensive coverage of partisan operations in this same area and period as well. Now, however, the chronology is filled out with more information beginning with the British siege of Charleston in 1780 and general coverage of the Virginia and Yorktown campaigns. Without wholly ignoring these topics, some scant consideration has also been given to the Spanish offensive in Florida; and the numerous frontier skirmishes with the British allied Indians in western Georgia, the then western portion of North Carolina (i.e. present day Tennessee), and southwestern Virginia."

2003, last revised 1/1/2007, 492 pages

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